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5 Benefits to Our Teachers
  1. 1Advanced degrees or relevant experience.
  2. 2Rigorous 5 step hiring process.
  3. 3Thorough background & reference checks.
  4. 4Our teachers go where you are.
  5. 5Our teachers create custom lesson plans.

Music Teachers

Lesson Match doesn?t hire every music instructor that applies. We go through a 5 step process to ensure that our instructors are of the highest caliber. Application, Reference Check, Interview, Audition, Background Check.? Every teacher must past each step along the way to even be considered. Our qualification requirements for our instructors are some of the highest of any music school in the country. We strive to hire only the more qualified applicants and the most talented musicians.

Every teacher we hire must have a degree in music, education or years of relevant verifiable teaching experience.? With Lesson Match you can guarantee that you?ll get the best teacher possible.

Our teachers design their lessons plans around the students goals and needs, there is no standard lesson plan as there is no standard student. We make sure that you get what you want out of the lessons. Whether you want to learn the basics or be the next American Idol, our teachers will devise a lesson plan with clear goals to get you where you want to be!

We guarantee your satisfaction with our teachers,?if at anytime during your time with Lesson Match you become unsatisfied we?ll work with you to match the perfect teacher.